The Helmo Ventures Growth Programme

The Helmo Ventures Growth Programme

Growth takes hard work and know-how. We help you with the latter.

Growth Programme Build Phase

During 16 weeks you will go through an intense "Build" phase, where you will accelerate your business through a series of education sessions as well as exchanges with one or more Mentors assigned to your business.

Steps include:

  • Initial Kickoff Workshop resulting in an individualised Build blueprint for your business
  • Periodic sessions to learn skills and design/implement various areas of your growth
  • Graduation Day: present your business to a group of potential investors, advisors and/or customers

Continued Support Phase

After Graduation Day, you will be able to continue to draw on our Mentor network and attend educational sessions, as well learn through participation in various events.

About Us

Helmo Ventures helps Startups growing and scaling their business. Helmo Ventures is unique in that companies not only go through the Acceleration programme but are also supported continuously afterwards.


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