Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions below.

We look for all kind of startups or growth companies in the technology space. Contact us if you want an informal chat about how we could help your business.
After submitting the application form, our team reviews it and sets up interviews with candidates that we find exciting. Upon a successful interview you get invited to join.
First you fill out the application form and submit it. We review applications and set up interviews with those we like. Successful interviewees get an offer to join the programme.
Initially, it is fine just to fill out all the fields in the application form. If we feel we need further information, we will organize the necessary exchange of information.
We will put you through our programme and make sure you are introduced to all parts of the curriculum. But as with everything in life, it also requires your committment and active participation.

About Us

Helmo Ventures helps Startups growing and scaling their business. Helmo Ventures is unique in that companies not only go through the Acceleration programme but are also supported continuously afterwards.


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