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Growth Programme for Startups

>Helmo Ventures provides a combination of business advice, growth programming and continous business development support to boost the companies in our programme.

Helmo Ventures

Growth Programming

All participants go through a 16 week programme to accelerate growth and prepare for external capital rounds or global market expansion. You will get one or more business experts assigned to your individual business who will follow you through those 16 weeks.

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Business Advice

Helmo Ventures assigns a business expert to you through the 16 week programme as well as provides access to one or more mentors with specialties in your field of business. The combination means participants get access to a wide array of expertise as well as the focus needed.

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Continous Business Development

After graduating from the Growth Programme, you can elect to continue to get business development support from us. This includes access to mentors as well as special classes and business development projects designed specifically for your needs.

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About Us

Helmo Ventures helps Startups growing and scaling their business. Helmo Ventures is unique in that companies not only go through the Acceleration programme but are also supported continuously afterwards.


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